This site has been listed in the following Web Design Showcases and I am ecstatic!


  • Name ••• Jaime Wong
  • Location •• Singapore

A web designer / developer with a degree in Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Western Australia specialising in Marketing and Electronic Commerce.

If I had discover myself earlier, I would most definitely take a degree in Graphic Designs or Multimedia. But thinking on the bright side, my current degree does serve me well as the knowledge does help me with my work. I can also relate to the Commerce world better.


Miniature Schnauzers, cats, ice-blended mocha, art, music, learning new skills, designing, travelling, panoramic views, cool weather, a good book, interesting conversations and people.


Bugs, hot weather, running, rashes, bad customer service, empty promises, dishonesty, doing nothing, life without internet and a computer.


Hello! WELCOME T0 SODesires •• •

This site has been re-created by using CSS layout and I am glad that I did just that.

This site has been tested and looks best in Internet Explorer 5.5, Firefox, Opera 7 and above for PC users. For Mac users, it is compatible with Safari 1.2 and above. It should also work in IE 5 Mac. Do let me know if it does not work in certain browsers.

If this site looks like garbage to you, it is time to upgrade your browser to a modern standards compliant browser such as Firefox. If you rather stick to your outdated browser and forgo the enhance features that CSS provides, then I guess I will just sit in one corner and sulk...

2007 Notice: I have been slacking behind with updating this site. I know...I need to update it as soon as possible as many of the information here are outdated. In the meantime, why not hop over to Web Standards Group, Singapore to get the latest News and Views on the Singapore Web Scene while I coax myself into updating my site?!

It will be a major update with huge optimisation to the xhtml markups. It might have a total design makeover or just some tweaking done. Come back few months later to have a look!


• •• • The Essence Of SODesires

Why SODesires (pronounce as SO Desires)? I didn’t realise my desires in designing until I accidentally discover it - from texture modeling as a hobby to web designing to web standards. That is how the name came about.

When I discovered my desire for web designing, I thought of changing my career path (was an International Marketing Executive). Taking that big step was hard but once I discovered web standards and did intensive research on it, the desire grew so strong that it became a want. That’s when I decided to take the gamble and become a Web Designer. Some may think that it is a career downgrade but that is because they are not familiar with this field. It is a challenging and rewarding job that requires you to keep upgrading your knowledge.

SODesires provides web designing and focus in the development of accessible websites conforming to web standards. To find out more about my services, please visit the services page or contact me.

Feel free to check out the portfolio section.


Emergence Of Web Standards •••

Are you obsessed with CSS and working towards web standards? Is developing accessible websites important to you?

A couple of us - local web standards enthusiasts - are in the process of setting up an informal web standards group - Web Standards Singapore (WSSG) - to promote the importance accessible websites. Those who are interested to join WSSG can contact me.

So HEY SINGAPORE wake up! It is 2004 and web development has evolve!  Who says a web designer’s life is all about designing? It is much more than that. First, you have to understand the internet and the current developments and news. Second, learn and gain more knowledge. Basically the learning curve will never end. Now isn’t a life of a web designer/developer interesting? No chance of being bored at all!


Updates: Number of local enthusiats gathered for WSSG !